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   - Commodore John Barry - The Father of the American Navy
     The Grafton Magazine of History and Genealogy, Vol I
     By John G. Coyle, M.D. (New York, Boston, 1908 - 1909) - IA
   - Memorial to Commodore John Barry
     Father of the Navy of the United States
     Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (Philadelphia, 1907) - OL - John Barry in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* BAULDOUIN: Colonel Francis Bauldouin
   settled in Dublin and became an 'Eminent Trader in the Way of Merchandising', 'since reduced to great Poverty'; certificate signed by Merchants and Inhabitants of Dublin
   Extract from Huguenot Society's Proceedings Vol V (Lymington, 1898) - IA

* BELLINGHAM: Diary of Thomas Bellingham
   An Officer under William III. Includes the Descent of the Diarist
   By Anthony Hewitson (Preston, 1908) - OL

* BOYD, CAMPBELL: The Trial of Major Campbell for the Murder of Captain Boyd

   in a Duel.. Armagh Assizes. Details of Major Campbell's last moments, execution...
   By Henry Alexander Campbell, Ireland Commission of Oyer and Terrminer (London, 1808) - OL

* BROOKE: Private Journal of Henry Francis Brooke

   Late Brigadier-General commanding 2nd Infantry Brigade Kandahar Field Force, Southern Afghanistan 1880
   By Henry Francis Brooke (Dublin, 1881) - IA - The Brooke family in: Wikipedia

Memoirs of Miles Byrne - Vol I - Vol II
   Chef de Bataillon in the service of France, Officer of the Legion of Honour...
   By his Widow (new edition, Dublin, 1907) - OL - Read Volume 1 in French


* CHESNEY: The Life of the late General F. R. Chesney
   Colonel Commandant Royal Artillery, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.R.G.S. etc.
   By His Wife and Daughter, edited by Stanley Lane-Poole (London, 1885) - OL - Francis Rawdon Chesney in: Wikipedia

* CLEBURNE: Biographical Sketches of Gen. Pat Cleburne

   and Gen. T. C. Hindman. Patrick Ronayne Cleburne was born near Cork
   By Charles Edward Nash, M.D. (Little Rock, Arkansas, 1898) - OL - Patrick Cleburne in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

Clarke Square, Collins Barracks, Dublin, now part of the National Museum of Ireland
Photo by PJC

* COLLINS: Michael Collins' Own Story

   Told to Hayden Talbot (London, 1923) - OL - Michael Collins in Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia


   - A Memoir of the Late Captain Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier, R.N., F.R.S., F.R.A.S.
     of H.M.S. Terror; b. Banbridge, Co. Down, 1796; inscribed 'with Lady O'Donnell's Last Wishes'
   - The Crozier Memorial
     at Banbridge
     Printed for the Committee of the Crozier Memorial (Dublin, 1859) - OL - Francis Crozier in: Wikipedia


* DOYLE: A Hundred Years of Conflict 1756 - 1856
   Being some records of the services of Six Generals of the Doyle Family
   By Colonel Arthur Doyle (London, 1911) - OL

   - Father William Doyle, S.J.
     military chaplain
   - A Year's Thoughts
     Collected from the writing of Father William Doyle, S.J.
     By Alfred O'Rahilly (London, 1922) - OL - Willie Doyle in: Wikipedia

* DUCAT: Memoir of Gen. A.C. (Arthur Charles) Ducat
   U.S. Army. Born Kingstown, Co. Dublin 1830
   By Unknown Author (Chicago, 1897) - OL - Arthur Ducat in: Wikipedia

* FITZGIBBON: Arts Under Arms - An University Man in Khaki
   By Maurice FitzGibbon (London, 1901) - OL

   - A Veteran of 1812 - The Life of James FitzGibbon
     b. Glin, Co. Limerick, 1780
     By Mary Agnes FitzGibbon (Toronto, 1898) - OL
   - Documents ...showing the services rendered by Colonel FitzGibbon
     while serving in Upper Canada between 1812 and 1837
     Printed by W. Whittington (Windsor, 1859) - IA - James FitzGibbon in Wikipedia
   - An Appeal to the People of the late Province of Upper Canada
     By Colonel Fitz Gibbon (Montreal, 1847) - IA

* FRASER: Recollections with Reflections
   A Memoir of a Scottish soldier family in Ireland from the Seventeenth Century
   By Major-General sir Thomas Fraser, K.C.B., C.M.G., P.S.C., R.E. (Edinburgh, London, 1914) - FHB

* FRAZER: General Persifor Frazer - A Memoir

   b. 1735
   By his Great-Grandson Persifor Frazer (Philadelphia, 1907) - OL - Persifor Frazer in: Wikipedia


* GILLESPIE: A Memoir of Major-General Sir R. R. Gillespie
   Robert Rollo Gillespie, Knight Commander of the Bath, etc. b. Cumber, Co. Down, 1766
   Printed for T. Egerton (London, 1816) - OL - Rollo Gillespie in: Wikipedia

Great Irishmen in War and Politics

   By Various authors (London, 1920) - OL


* HAUGHTON: Lieutenant-Colonel John Haughton
   Commandant of the 36th Sikhs; A Hero of Tirah; his father, General John Colpoys Haughton, b. Dublin, 1817
   By Major A. C. Yate (London, 1900) - OL

* HEALY: Life and Services of Colonel James J. Healy

   Illinois and U.S. Infantry, National Guard; Deputy Clerk of the Superior Court of Cook County, Illinois; parents John Healy and Ellen O'Brien were born in Kellorglin (Killorglin?), Co. Kerry
   By C. C. Bowsfield (Chicago, 1913) - OL

* HOLT: Memoirs of Joseph Holt - Vol I - Vol II

   General of the Irish Rebels in 1798; exiled to Australia 1799
   By T. Crofton Croker, Esq. (London, 1838) - OL - Joseph Holt (rebel) in: Australian Dictionary of Biography - Wikipedia


* KEAN: Autobiography - Captain John Kean
   of Harrisburg
   Annotated by A. Boyd Hamilton (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1888) - OL


* LALLY: Memoirs of Count Lally
   French General, Thomas Arthur, comte de Lally, baron de Tollendal, b. France, 1702 son of Sir Gerald Lally of Tuam, Co. Galway
   By Lally (no details) - IA - Thomas Arthur, comte de Lally in: Wikipedia

Lives of Irishmen's Sons and their Descendants
   including Fieldmarshall Leopold O'Donnell, Count of Lucena and Duke of Tetuan
   By Colonel James E. McGee (New York, 1874) - IA - Leopoldo O'Donnell, 1st Duke of Tetuan in: Wikipedia

* LOWREY: Col. Thomas Lowrey

   from Ancestral and Revolutionary History of the Smith... Lowry Families
   By Henry Whittemore (New York, 1890) - OL

* LUDLOW: Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq. - Vol I (1698 ed.) - Vol I - Vol II

   1625 - 1672; Commander in Chief of the Forces in Ireland
   By Edmund Ludlow (Vivay, Canton of Bern, Switzerland, 1698; Oxford, 1894) - IA

* MacMURROGH: A Memoir of the Life and Conquests of Art Mac Murrogh
   King of Leinster, from A.D. 1377 to A.D. 1417. With some notices of the Leinster Wars of the 14th Century
   By Thomas D'Aarcy M'Gee (Dublin, 1847) - OL - Art Mor Mac Murchadha Caomhanach in: Wikipedia


* McCAWLEY: In Memoriam [Col.] Charles Grymes McCawley, d. 1891
   Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps
   By Rich'd S. Collum, Captain, U.S.M.C. (Washington, 1892) - OL - Charles Grymes McCawley in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* MEADE: The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade - Vol I - Vol II
   Major-General United States Army
   By George Meade (New York, 1913) - OL - George Meade in: Find A Grave (follow links for numerous family members) - Wikipedia

* MEAGHER: Memoirs of Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher

   By Michael Cavanagh (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1892) - OL - Thomas Francis Meagher in: Australian Dictionary of Biography - Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* MONAGHAN: Life of John Robert Monaghan - The Hero of Samoa
   b. 1873, son of James Monaghan, b. Belturbet, Co. Cavan, 1839 and Margaret McCool, b. Donamore, Co. Donegal, 1852; more details on ancestors
   By H. L. McCulloch, S.J. (Spokane, 1905?) - FHB - Spokane Trophy in: Wikipedia

* MOYLAN: Stephen Moylan, Muster-Master General

   Secretary and Aide-de-Camp to Washington, Quartermaster General... born in 1737 at Cork, Ireland
   By Martin I. J. Griffin (Philadelphia, 1909) - OL - This title was the first eBook of the Month in October, 2011 - for short review see eBook of the Month Archive - Stephen G. Moylan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


A Naval Biographical Dictionary
   Comprising the life and services of Every Living Officer in Her Majesty's Navy from the rank of Admiral of the Fleet to that of Lieutenant inclusive
   By William R. O'Byrne, Esq. (London, 1849) - OL

* NIXON: Colonel John Nixon
   b. Philadelphia, 1733 son of Richard Nixon a native of County Wexford
   By Charles Henry Hart (USA, Journal extract) - IA


* O'CONNELL: The Last Colonel of The Irish Brigade - Count O'Connell - Vol I - Vol II
     and Old Irish Life at Home and Abroad 1745-1833
     By Mrs. Morgan John (Mary Anne Bianconi) O'Connell (London, 1892) - IA

* O'DONEL, O'NEILL: The Fate and Fortunes of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone and Rory O'Donel, Earl of Tyrconnel

   their flight from Ireland, their vicissitudes abroad, their death in exile
   By the Rev. C. P. Meehan, M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1868) - OL - Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone in: Wikipedia - Rory O'Donnell, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell in: Wikipedia

*O'DONNELL: Lives of Irishmen's Sons and their Descendants

   Including Fieldmarshall Leopold O'Donnell, Count of Lucena and Duke of Tetuan
   By Colonel James E. McGee (New York, 1874) - IA - Leopoldo O'Donnell, 1st Duke of Tetuan in: Wikipedia

* O'HIGGINS: Ballenar, Marques de Osorno, Baron de Ballenary

   Regarding military and civil defense measures to be implemented in the event of an attack by the English
   By Ambrosio O'Higgins (in Spanish, Lima, Peru, 1797) - OL - Ambrosio O'Higgins, 1st Marquis of Osorno in: Wikipedia

* O'HIGGINS: Don Bernardo O'Higgins

   Chilean independence leader. Son of Ambrosio O'Higgins
   By B. Vicuna MacKenna (in Spanish, Santiago de Chile, 1882) - OL - Bernardo O'Higgins in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* O'LEARY: Memorias del General O'Leary Vol I of XXXIV

   in Spanish. Daniel Florence O'Leary was aide-de-camp under Simon Bolivar 
   Translated from English by his son Simon B. O'Leary (Caracas, Venezuela, 1888) - OL - Daniel Florence O'Leary in: Wikipedia


   - Hugh O'Neill's War with Queen Elizabeth
     Irish National Effusions and Miscellaneous Poems
     By P. C. T. Breen (Chicago, 1882) - OL
   - Red Hand of Ulster; or, The Fortunes of Hugh O'Neill
     By Mrs. J. Sadlier (Boston, 1859) - OL - Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone in: Wikipedia

* O'NEILL: Owen Roe O'Neill

   By J. F. Taylor (London, Dublin, 1904) - OL - Owen Roe O'Neill in: Wikipedia


* PHIPPS: The Life of Colonel Pownoll Phipps
   of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
   By Pownoll W. Phipps, M.A. (for private circulation, London, 1894) - OL - his son Ramsay Weston Phipps, military historian in: Wikipedia

* REID: Captain Samuel Reid - A Biographical Sketch
   Scotch-Irish patriot and soldier of the American Revolutiion, b. Ireland, 1728
   By William Dennis Reid (USA? 1900) - OL

* ROE: The Diary of Captain Daniel Roe

   An Officer of the French and Indian War and of the Revolution; it is claimed that he was born in Ireland in 1628; extract from 'Genealogy of the Talbot - Wingfield - Reid families
   By Alfred Seelye Roe (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1904) - OL

* ROSS-LEWIN: With "The Thirty-Second" In the Peninsular and other Campaigns

   includes genealogical notes
   By Harry Ross-Lewin of Ross Hill, Co. Clare (Dublin, 1904) - IA


* SARSFIELD: Life of Patrick Sarsfield
   Earl of Lucan
   By John Todhunter (London, Dublin, 1895) - IA - Patrick Sarsfield in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* SAVAGE: A Sketch of the Life of Captain John Savage, J.P.

   First Settler in Shefford County, 1792; of 'a wealthy and influential family in the North of Ireland'
   By M. O. Vaudry, M.A. (McGill) (Toronto, 1921) - FHB

* SHERIDAN: Lives of Irishmen's Sons and their Descendants

   Including Lieutenant-General Philip H. Sheridan
   By Colonel James E. McGee (New York, 1874) - IA - Philip Henry Sheridan, Sr. in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* SHIELDS: Life of Major-General James Shields
   Hero of Three Wars and Senator from Three States (born Altmore, Co. Tyrone 1806)
   By Hon. William H. Condon (Chicago, 1900) - OL - James Shields in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* SIRR: Military Records
   from Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica - Vol. V 3rd Series
   By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1904) - OL - Henry Charles Sirr (soldier) in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* SMYTH: The Life and Military Services of the late Brigadier General Thomas A. Smyth
   U. S. Army. Born Ballyhooly, Co. Cork 1832
   By D. W. Maull, D.D. (Wilmington, Delaware, 1870) - OL - Thomas Alfred Smyth in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* St. LEGER: The Campaign of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne and Expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger

   Barrimore Matthew St. Leger, b. Co. Kildare, 1733
   By William Leete Stone (Albany, New York, 1877) - OL - Barry St. Leger in: Wikipedia

      A Sketch of the Former and a Description of the Latter
      By Thomas Hamilton Murray (Providence, Rhode Island, 1902) - OL
   - General John Sullivan
      Chapter from History of New Hamshire
     By Edwin. D. Sanborn, LL.D. (Manchester, N.H. 1875) - OL
   - Sullivan Centennial
      Historical Addresses; mention of Irish born: Brigadier-General William Maxwell, Brig. Gen. Edward Hand, Col. Thomas Proctor, Col. Wm. ButlerMajor William Scott
      By Rev. David Craft (USA, 1879) - OL
   - The Sullivan Road
      By Garrick M. Harding (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 1899) - OL - John Sullivan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia - William Maxwell (Continental Army general) in: Find A GraveWikipedia - Edward Hand in: Find A GraveWikipedia - Thomas Proctor (general) in: Wikipedia

* TUCHET: The Earl of Castlehaven's Review
   or his Engagement and Carriage in the Irish Wars
   By Castlehaven Audley (London, 1684, reprinted Dublin, 1815) - IA - Earl of Castlehaven in: Wikipedia

* TYLER: Sir Charles Tyler, G.C.B., Admiral of the White

   By Colonel Wyndham-Quin, C.B., D.S.O. (London, 1912) - OL - Charles Tyler in: Wikipedia

            Lieut.-Col. Cecil Foster Seymour Vandeleur                                   Cahiracon, home of Seymour Vandaleur

   - The life of Arthur Vandeleur, Major Royal Artillery
     born Ralahine, County Clare
     By Catherine Marsh (New York, 1862) - IA
     The Strory of a British Officer. With watercolour illustrations
     By Colonel F. I. Maxse, C.B., D.S.O. (London, 1905) - IA

   ...the family estate was Levalley, in Queen's County
   By Catherine Marsh (London, 1861) - IA - Hedley Vicars in: Wikipedia


* WAYNE: History of Fort Wayne
   with a sketch of the life of General Anthony Wayne whose father emigrated from Ireland and was part of a Protestant Anglo-Irish family; Sketches of Allen Hamilton of Tyrone, The Ewings - W.G. and G. W. Ewing who left Ireland because of their republican sentiments
   By Wallace A. Brice (Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1868) - FHB - Anthony Wayne "Mad Anthony" in: Find A GraveWikipedia


   - Life and Campaigns of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, K.G. - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV
     By the Rev. G. N. Wright, M.A. (London, Paris, 1841) - OL - Vol I not found
   - The Life and Times of the Late Duke of Wellington - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
     with Maps and Portraits
     By Lieut. Coll. Williams (London, ?) - OL
   - Military Memoirs of Field marshal The Duke of Wellington - Vol I
     By Captain Moyle Sherer (Philadelphia, 1836) - OL
   - The Rise of Wellington
     with Portraits and Plans
     By General Lord Roberts, V.C. (London, 1895) - OL
   - The Story of Wellington
     The real name of the Westleys, Wesleys, or Wellesleys - the different forms were all used - was Colley or Cowley, but the Duke's grandfather inherited estates of his kinsman, Garret Wesley, on condition that he assumed that surname
     By Harold F. B. Wheeler F.R.Hist.S. (London, 1912) - OL - See also 'Fragments of Family History' in: The Patrician by John Burke, Esq.
   - Wellington - Soldier and Statesman
     And the Revival of the Military Power of England
     By William O'Connor Morris (New York, London, 1904) - OL - See also Nobility and Landed Gentry - Estate, Family Papers, Memoirs - Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

Army Lists
Various British Army and Navy lists
Irish in the American Civil War - website
Search the London Gazette from 1700
The Irish Pensioners of William III's Huguenot Regiments, 1702
   transcription on 'A Little Bit of Ireland'
   extract from Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London Vol 6, No 3 (London, 1899) - website

* A List of the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, and Ensigns - 1740
   of His Majesty's Forces - British Establishment - Irish Establishment
   Order of the House of Commons (London, 1740) - GB

* List of Field Officers chosen and appointed for the Irish Expedition
   under Philip Lord Wharton, Lord Generall of Ireland - extract from 'Army Lists of the Roundheads and Cavaliers - armies of 1642'
   By Edward Peacock, F.S.A. (London, 1863) - OL

A List of the General and Field Officers - 1767 - 1778
   As they rank in the Army... on the British and Irish Establishments
   By Unknown Author (London, 1767, 1778) - IA

* List of Irish Volunteers - Cork Corps 1913 - 1914 Alphabetical List - CCCA

* A List of the Officers of the Army (with an alphabetical index) - 1784
   of the Officers of the Royal Artillery, the Engineers, the Marine Forces and of the Officers on Half-pay and a Succession of Colonels
   War Office (London, 1784) - OL

A List of all the Officers of the Army and Royal Marines
   17911800 - 18051819 - 1820 - 1833 - 1860-61
   on Full and Half-Pay with an Index; including Irish regiments
   By Army List (London, 1800 - 1820) - FHB, GB

The Army List for January, 1826

   By the War Office (London, 1825) - FHB

* A List of the Officers of the Militia and of the Yeomanry Cavalry and Volunteer Infantry
   1809 - 18201825
   By the War-Office (London, 1825) - GB

* A List of the Officers of His Majesty's Royal Marine Forces on Full and Hal-Pay - 1831
   with an Index
   By Authority (London, 1831) - OL

A List of the Flag Officers and other Commissioned Officers of Her Majesty's Fleet - 1839
   with the Dates of their Respective Commissions
   By Authority (London, 1839) - GB

* List of the Officers of the Several Regiments and Corps of Fencible Cavalry and Infantry:
   of the Officers of the Militia; of the Corps and Troops of Gentlemen and Yeomanry and of the Corps and Companies of Volunteer Infantry
   By the War-Office (London, 1797) - GB

Hart's Annual Army List     1839 - 1840 - 1841 - 1842 - 1843 - 1844 - 1845 - 1846 - 1847 - 1848 - 1849 - 1850 - 1852 - 1853 - 1854 - 1855 - 1856 - 1857 - 1859 - 1860 - 1861 - 1862 - 1863 - 1864 - 1865 - 1866 - 1867 - 1868 - 1869 - 1870 - 1871 - 1872 - 1873 - 1874 - 1875 - 1876 - 1877 - 1880 - 1882 - 1884 - 1887 - 1889 - 1890 - 1891 - 1892 - 1903 - 1904
   Militia List, Yeomanry Cavalry List and Indian Civil Service List; with an Index
   By Captain (later Lieutenant General) H. G. Hart, Ed. by his Son (London 1839 - 1904) - IA, GB

* The East-India Register and Army List for 1845
   By F. Clark (London, 1845) - IA

* The Half-Yearly Army List
   Mar 1916 - Mar 1917 Part II? - Jun 1919Dec 1919 Part II?Dec 1939
   with an index
   By Authority (London, 1940) - IA

* The New Navy List - 1852
   and general record of the services of officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines
   Conducted by Joseph Allen, Esq., R.N. (London, 1852) - GB

* The Quarterly Army List
   Apr 1941 - Apr 1944 Part II - Mar 1945 Part II
   HMSO (London, 1941 - 1945)

Fenian Raids into Canada
* The Abortive Fenian Raid on Manitoba
   Account by one who knew its Secret History
   By Hon. Gilbert McMicken (Winnipeg, 1888) - OL

* Copy of a Despatch from the Earl Granville, K.G. to Governor-General

   Respecting the Recent Fenian Raid into Canada; Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty
   H.M.S.O. (London, 1870) - OL

* Fenian Aggression upon Canada

   Official documents
   Irish Emigration Database

The Fenian Blood-Hounds

   Poem attacking the Fenians as 'deluded dupes'
   Dedicated to Sweeny and O'Mahony by W. Case (Canada, 1866) - OL

The Fenian Raid of 1870

   Raid into Canada from the USA
   By Reporters Present at the Scenes (Montreal, 1870) - OL

* The Latest News: President Johnson warns on Aiding Fenian Invasions of Canada
   Barrie Examiner Extra (Barrie, Ontario, Canada, 1866) - OL

Narrative of the Fenian Invasion of Canada
   with a Map of the Field of Combat at Limestone Ridge
   By Alexander Somerville (Hamilton, Canada West, 1866) - IA

* Official Report of Gen. John O'Neill, President of the Fenian Brotherhood
   on the Attempt to Invade Canada; also a Report of the Battle of Ridgeway, Canada West
   By General John O'Neill (New Yrok, 1870) - OL

* Proceedings and Report of the Court of Inquiry of the Circumstances

   Connected with the Late Engagement at Lime Ridge
   By Order of His Excellency the Commander in Chief (Ottawa, 1866) - OL

Review Extra. Fenians are coming

   News report
   By Telegraph (prob. Peterborough, Ontario, 1866) - OL

Sermon on the Fenian Raid
   into Canada, 1870 
   By Rev. I. Constantine, M.A. (Montreal, 1870) - IA

* Something About Ireland As It Is and Fenianism

   Some suggestions for the Consideration of the Canadian People and Government
   By W. H. Waller (Ottawa, 1868) - OL

* Trials of the Fenian Prisoners at Toronto
   who were Captured at Fort Erie, Canada West, in June 1866
   By George R. Gregg and E. P. Roden (Toronto, 1867) - IA

* Troubled Times in Canada

   A History of the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870
   By Capt. John A. Macdonald (Toronto, 1910) - IA (PDF)

See also History of Ireland; Irish Local History
The Bureau of Military History 1913 - 1921
The official Military Archives website
Soldiers' Wills at 'Genealogy' website of The National Archives of Ireland
* Battle of Aughrim
   Eyewitness account
   By Francis Robert Davis, Notes and Queries 2nd series No 2 (London 1856) - IA
   Reply by R. G.

The Battle of the Boyne
   Together with an account based of French and other Unpublished Records... and of the Formation of the Irish Brigade in the service of France
   By Demetrius Charles Boulger (London, 1911) - OL

The Battle of Gabhra Fought A.D. 283
   Garristown, Co. Dublin
   By Nicholas O'Kearney (Dublin, 1853) HT

The Battle of Jadotville
   Irish Soldiers in Combat in the Congo 1961
   By Michael Whelan (Dublin, 2006) - AAI - Short review of this book on AAI

The Battle of Lisnegarvey (Lisburn)

   A.D. 1641. Tract in contemporary hand. Ulster Journal of Archaeology
   By Unknown Author (Belfast, 1853) - OL

* Casualties of WWI

   Transcription on 'A Little Bit of Ireland'
   By Freeman's Journal (Dublin, 1917) - website

Celebration of the Anniversary of the Battle of Rhode Island

   Invitation. List of Reception Committee members
   American-Irish Historical Society (Providence? 1905) - OL

The Civil and Military Articles of Limerick [The Treaty of Limerick]

   attached to "A Sketch of the History of Two Acts of the Irish Parliament, to prevent the further Growth of Popery in a Letter to a Member of the House of Commons of Ireland" 
   Under the Great Seal of England (London, 1778) - OL

Correspondence respecting Recruitment in Ireland for the Military Service of the United States

   Parliamentary Papers (London, 1864) - OL

Cromwell in Ireland

   A History of Cromwell's Irish Campaign
   By the Rev Denis Murphy, S.J. (Boston, 1893) - OL

The Dawn of Battle - A Sermon Preached before King William

   at St. George's Parish Church, High Street, Belfast on the 15th Day of June, 1690
   By Rev George Royse, D.D. (original London, 1691, reprint Belfast abt. 1912) - IA

Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689

   The Story of Some Famous Battle-Fields in Ulster
   By Thomas Witherow, D.D. (Belfast, 1913) - OL
Transcription - LI

Derry - A Tale of the Revolution of 1688

   By Charlotte Elizabeth (London, 1839) - OL

* The Fighting Race

   from 'The Glories of Ireland'
   By Joseph I. C. Clarke, President, American Irish Historical Society (Washington, D.C., 1914) - IA

The French Invasion of Ireland in '98

   ...Heroic Endeavor and a Lost Opportunity to Throw Off England's Yoke
   By Valerian Gribayedoff (New York, 1890) - OL

A History or Brief Chronicle of the Chief Matters of the Irish Warres

   with a Perfect Table or List of all the Victories obtained by the Lord Generall CROMWELL, Governour-Generall of Ireland...
   Published by Authority (London, 1650) - OL

* History of the Irish Insurrection of 1798

   Giving an Authentic account of the Various Battles...
   By Edward Hay, Esq. (New York, 1847) - OL

An Impartial Narrative of the Most Important Engagements...during the Irish Rebellion, in 1798

   By John Jones (South Newberlin, New York, 1834) - OL
Ireland and France (relating to the Franco-Prussian war)
   Translated from the French of Alfred Duquet by J. De. L. Smyth, M.A. (Dublin, London, 1916) - OL

* Ireland and the Waterloo Campaign of 1815

   Masters Thesis
   By Peter Molloy (Maynooth, 2011) - NUI Maynooth eTheses Archive

Ireland Preserved or The Siege of Londonderry and Battle of Aughrim

   By Rev. John Graham, M.A. (Dublin, 1841) - IA

* Ireland's Battles and Battlefields
   'Evening Telegraph' reprint
   By Weston St. J. Joyce (Dublin, 1888) - OL

The Irish Nuns at Ypres
   An Episode of the War - with illustrations
   By D.M.C. (O.S.B. Member of the Community), edited by R. Barry O'Brien, LL.D. with an introduction by John Redmond, M.P. (London, 1915) - OL

   With an introduction by John Redmond, M.P.
   By Michael MacDonagh (Dublin? 1916) - OL

   With an introduction by John Redmond, M.P.
   By Michael MacDonagh (London, New York, Toronto, 1918) - OL

* The Irish Penisoners of William III's Huguenot Regiments, 1702
   transcription on 'A Little Bit of Ireland'
   extract from Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London Vol 6, No 3 (London, 1899) - website

Irish Rhode Islanders in the American Revolution
   with some mention of those serving in the regiments of Elliott, Lippitt, Topham, Crary, Angell, Olney, Greene, and other noted commanders 
   By Thomas Hamilton Murray (Providence, 1903) - OL

   A Military History of Ireland from the Norse Invasions to 1798
   By J. J. O'Connell, M.A. (Dublin, 1920) - OL

* The Jacobite War in Ireland
   1688 - 1691
   By Charles O'Kelly, Colonel in King James's Army (Dublin, 1894) - OL

James the Second's Descent on Ireland and the Siege of Londonderry in 1689
   Text in English, introduction, notes, etc., in German
   By Thomas Babington Macaulay (Leipzig, 1902) - OL

  From The Ancestor Quarterly Review of County and Family History, Heraldry and Antiquities No. VII
   By Mrs. Oswald Barron (Westminster, 1903) - OL

* The Lusitania's Last Voyage
   being a narrative of the torpedoing and sinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania by a German submarine off the Irish Coast, 1915
   By Charles E. Lauriat, Jr., one of the survivors (Boston, New York, 1915) - OL

MacKenzie' Memorials of the Siege of Derry

   Including his Narrative and its Vindication
   By W. D. Killen, D.D. (Belfast, 1861) - OL

* My Sword for Sarsfield

   A Story of the Jacobite War in Ireland; Edited from the Memoirs of Phelim O'Hara (1668 - 1750) A Colonel in Sarsfield's Horse
   By Randal McDonnell (Dundalk, 1920) - OL

The Rebellion of 1641

   The Irish Ecclesiastical Record Vol XVII (Dublin 1905) - IA

* Regulations for the Establishment and Government of the Royal Hibernian Military School

   for the Orphans and Children of Soldiers
   By Order of the Society (Dublin, 1819) - GB

The Roll of Honour - Vol I - 

   A biographical record of all members of HM naval and military forces who have fallen in the war. With portraits
   By the Marquis de Ruvigny (London, 1919?) - OL

The Siege of Derry

   or Sufferings of the Protestants
   By Charlotte Elizabeth (New York, 1844) - OL

Sketches of Irish Soldiers in Every Land

   By Colonel James E. McGee (New York, 1873) - OL

* Some Survivors of the Armada in Ireland
   from 'Transactions of the Royal Historical Society' NS Vol XI
   By Major Martin A. S. Hume (London, 1897) - IA

* Through Great Britain and Ireland with Cromwell

   By H. E. Marshall (New York, 1912) - OL

* The Tragedy of the Lusitania

   Authentic stories of Survivors and Eye-witnesses of the Disaster
   By Captain Frederick D. Ellis (Philadlephia, 1915) - OL

The Ulster Civil War of 1641 and its Consequences

   with the History of the Irish Brigade under Montrose in 1644 - 1646
   By John McDonnell, M.D. (Dublin, 1879) - OL

* The War in Wexford

   An account of the Rebellion in the south of Ireland in 1798 told from original documents; illustrated
   By H. F. B. Wheeler; A.M. Broadley (London, New York, 1910) - OL

War Issues for Irishmen: An Open Letter to Col. Arthur Lynch from Bernard Shaw

   Letter to Colonel Arthur Lynch, M.P. from the famous writer
   By George Bernard Shaw (Dublin, London, 1918) - OL

War Speeches
   "...It is only six short weeks since we were all thrilled by the announcement that the Empire was at war..."
of His Honour Sir Michael O'Dwyer, G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab (Lahore, 1918) - OL

* When Cromwell Came to Drogheda

   A Memory of 1649
   By Randal McDonnell (Dublin, 1913) - OL

Regiments, Brigades, etc.
* 1st Muskerry Cavalry
   from the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By Robert Day, F.S.A., President (Cork, 1896) - OL

The 6th Connaught Rangers
   Belfast Nationalists and the Great War
   Various authors (Belfast, 2008) - UHF

An Alphabetical List of the Officers of the Fourth Royal Irish Dragoon Guards

  from 1800 to 1856
   By Henry Stooks Smith (London, 1854) - IA

A Brief History of the 69th Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers

   Its nucleus being of Irish birth or parentage
   By Adjutant Anthony W. McDermott (Philadelphia, 1889?) - IA

The Campaigns and History of the Royal Irish Regiment
   from 1684 to 1902
   By Lieutenant-colonel G. le M. Gretton (Edinburgh, London, 1911) - OL

Crown and Company

   The Historical Records of the 2nd Batt. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
   By Major Arthur Mainwaring (London, 1911) - OL

* Father Duffy's Story

   A tale of humor and heroism, of life and death with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth
   By Francis P. Duffy, Chaplain, 165th Infantry (New York, 1919) - OL

* The Historical Record of the 27th Inniskilling Regiment

   From the period of its institution as a volunteer corps till the present time
   By W. Copeland Trimble (London, Enniskillen, 1876) - OL

Historical Record of the Eighteenth or the Royal Irish Regiment of Foot

   An account of the formation of the regiment in 1684 and of its subsequent services to 1848
   Compiled by Richard Cannon, Esq. (London, 1848) - OL

Historical Record of the Eighty-Sixth or Royal County Down Regiment of Foot

  By Richard Cannon, Esq.  (London, 1842) - IA

Historical Record of the Eighty-Seventh Regiment or the Royal Irish Fusiliers

   By Richard Cannon, Esq. (London, 1853) - IA

Historical Records of the Fifth (Royal Irish) Lancers

   from their foundation as Wynne's Dragoons (in 1689) to the Presend Day
   By Walter Temple Willcox, Major Third Hussars (London, 1908) - IA

Historical Record of the Fourth, or Royal Irish Regiment of Dragoon Guards

   Containing an account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1685
   By Richard Cannon (London, 1839) - OL

History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France

   Revolution in Great Britain and Ireland under James II., to the Revolution in France under Louis XVI.
   By John Cornelius O'Callaghan (New York, 1869) - OL

History of Minden Lodge No 63 held in the XXth Regiment of Foot

   on the Registry of the [Masonic] Grand Lodge of Ireland
   By John Clarke (Kingston, 1849) - OL

History of the Ninth Regiment - Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
   The Irish Regiment in the War of the Rebellion 1861-65
   By Thomas Hamilton Murray (New Haven, Connecticut, 1903) - OL

The History of the Ninth Regiment - Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

   ...Its officers and soldiers were Catholics; by birth Irish or Irish descent...
   By Daniel George Macnamara (Boston, Massachusetts, 1899) - OL

Illustrations, Historical and Genealogical, of King James's Irish Army list (1689)
   Index of Names and Families
   By John D'Alton (Dublin, 1860) - OL

The Irish Abroad and at Home
   At the Court and in the Camp, with Souvenirs of "The Brigade"
   Reminiscences of an Emigrant Milesian (New York, 1856) - OL

The Irish Brigade and Its Campaigns

   with some account of the Corcoran Legion, and Sketches of the Principal Officers
   By Capt. D.P. Conyngham, A.D.C. (New York, 1867) - OL

* The Irish Brigade at Fontenoy - 1745

   The Irish Ecclesiastical Record Vol XVII (Dublin, 1905) - IA

The Irish-Canadian Rangers

   By "Civilian" (Montreal, 1916) - OL

The Irish Ninth - In Bivouac and Battle

   Virginia and Maryland Campaigns
   By M. H. Macnamara (Boston, 1867) - IA


Note the misprint - should read 'Tipperariensis'

* Itinerarium Thomae Carve, Tipperariensis
   in Latin; the itinerary of Thomas Carve (Carew), b. Tipperary, 1590, chaplain in the regiment of Walter Butler under Walter Deveroux while serving in Austria
   By Thomas Carve (New edition 100 copies on paper, 2 on vellum, 1859) - GB - Original edition (in Latin) Mainz, 1639 - German language edition 1640 - Thomas Carve in: Wikipedia

* The Kerry Men of the Brigade

   A.D. 1692. A chapter from Selections of Old Kerry records
   By Mary Agnes Hickson (London, 1872) - OL

* Memoirs and Services of the Eighty-Third Regiment County of Dublin

   From 1793 to 1907. The campaigns... in the West Indies, Africa, The Peninsula, Cylon, Canada and India
   By Brevet Major Edward William Bray and others (London, 1908) - IA

Military History of the Irish Nation
   comprising a Memoir of the Irish Brigade in the service of France
   By Matthew O'Conor, Esq. (Dublin, 1845) - OL

* Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops 1755 - 1764

   Hundreds of Irish born men listed
   New York Historical Society (New York, 1892) - OL

* North Clare Soldiers in WW1

   By Gerard 'Guss' O'Halloran (Ennistymon, undated) - CCL

Pacata Hibernia or A History of the Wars in Ireland - Vol I - 
Vol II

   during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth Especially within the province of Munster under the government of Sir George Carew; Illustrated
   Edited by Standish O'Grady (limited to 500 copies, London, 1896) - OL

Record of the North Cork Regiment of Militia

   From 1793 to 1880
   By Major J. Douglas Mercer (Dublin, 1886) - OL

Reminiscences of the Franco-Irish Ambulance; or our "Corps"

   with The Mocquarts and on the Loire 1870 - 1871
   By M. A. Leeson (Dublin, 1873) - IA

Roll of the Corps of Royal Engineers of Ireland 1251 - 1801

   RSAI Journal
   Compiled by Lieut. W. P. Pakenham-Walsh, B.E. (Dublin, 1910) - OL

Roscommon Soldiers who Died in World War I
   From the Regiments of Connaught Rangers, Royal Irish Rifles, Princess Victoria, Royal Irish Fusiliers
   By Irish Connection Family History Research Group (Athlone, 1995) - IA

* The Shamrock Battalion of the Rainbow
   A Story of the "Fighting Sixty-Ninth"
   By Martin J. Hogan, Corporal, Cp. K, 165th Infantry U.S.A. (New York, London, 1919) - OL

* A Short History of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade

   By John R. Shelley (Cashel, 1996) - author's website

* The 6th Connaught Rangers

   Belfast Nationalists and the Great War
   Various authors (Belfast, 2008) - UHF

* A Short History of the Irish Volunteers - Vol I

   (As passed by Censor) In Memory of Roger Casement
   By Bulmer Hobson, with a Preface by Eoin Mac Neill (Dublin, 1918) - OL

The Story of the 116th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

   In the War of Rebellion
   By St. Clair A. Mulholland, Colonel and Brevet Major-General U.S.V.  (USA, 1903) - OL

The Tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli

   With appreciations by Mr. Asquith, Mr. Balfour, Sir Edward Carson, Mr. John Redmond
   By Bryan Cooper (London, 1918) - OL

The Ulster Civil War of 1641 and its Consequences
   With the History of the Irish Brigade under Montrose in 1644 - 1646
   By John McDonnell, M.D. (Dublin, 1879) - OL

What the Irish Regiments have done

   With a Diary of a Visit to the Front by John Redmond, M.P.
   By S. Parnell Kerr (London, 1916) - OL

* Wild Geese in Spanish Flanders 1582–1700

   Documents relating chiefly to Irish Regiments, from the Archives Générales du Royaume, Brussels, and other sources
   By Rev. Brendan Jennings, O.F.M., D. Litt., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1964) - IMC - Flight of the Wild Geese in: Wikipedia

Memorial to Albert Cashier otherwise Jennie Hodgers at Clogherhead, Co. Louth.
Albert Cashier in Wikipedia
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